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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 27, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> i am scared, this hill. >> tonight at eight.. bracing for impact. people all around the
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bay area.. especially those who live near hills prone to mudslides and those in lowlying areas.. are getting ready for what is going to be a lot of heavy rain.. from a major storm...the first of several to come.. these are live pictures around the bay area in the san francisco, oakland, san jose. clear, dry tonight. but that is not going to be the case tomorrow. . i am in the the weather center with jacqueline bennett, jacqueline? >> it is going to be start right in time for the morning commute. we will see it for the next several days on the/opt. satellite & radar the rainfall is already starting to start to push through however, we
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can see the first rain of pushing through eureka. it will reinforce that with heavy rainfall for the morning commute. the futurecast moderate and heavy and along the san mateo coast. that moderate becomes widespread by 8:00 a.m. for the morning commute. also when the conditions gusting at 70 m.p.h.! competitive thunderstorms and even lightning strikes. we will time it out on futurecast with the wind advisories and the thunderstorms coming up in just a bit >> continuing our team coveage.. we plan in the east bay with terisa estacio. piedmont police are warning
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drivers about areas >> these preparations are very serious after what happened last here, take a look. >> this is in piedmont a major thoroughfare in the east bay city. you can see this video for april, this mudslide caused a lot of damage. in fact it knocked out power to 65 homes for several hours. and the director of public works as saying that after an investigation investigators determine that this mudslide was caused from the minister directed a storm water from a nearby home and look at the same area several months later. the director of public works and saying that this plan has worked out with the home owner taking you erosion control materials with new landscaping to shore up the here and slide it concrete
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barricades. not all of the work is done but major progress is completed but hopefully enough is done for avoidance of the situation last winter. >>pam: piedmont police in the city that are prone to flooding. kron-4's scott rates got a firsthand look at where those troulbe spots are. located. concern is the park ths in the middle of the town it has flooded before and they hope that with rainfall on the rain. it will not happen again. the peaceful sound of a gentle stream but they hope that it stays that way this by the rainfall. >> are you concerned? >> of course! this is where we work out. >> this was just a couple of weeks ago when this flood of the softball field. >> we have areas that we
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monitor, the creeks, sanitary service stores. >> some areas have been monitoring these areas with trash racks to grab the debris and keep the trains clear. it is a place were debris would naturally pile up. >> people are hoping that this will flow normally. however the city says there will be ready just in case. >> we want to make sure that it is not going to overflow. >> in piedmont, kron 4. >> (chaninsaws) >> and the santa crew. pg&e it is expecting some power outages giving the anticipation of a strained to column. it will have cruised out with the strength of the -- wind and
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the possible tree limbs. preparations are underway in the santa cruz mountains and sections of the santa clara valley.. p.g. and e crews are anticipation of high winds and downed trees and power lines... >> lucky drive in the u.s. 101 if this is flooding pretty much every time. it is low-lying area and they know that they need to get ready. this is video from what we showed earlier they were up on the latter is, getting their hands and dirty for clearing out of the leaves but many of these homes and marin county are built on hillsides. there are draining ditches nearby careful to get out the dirt, debris, the branches, so it does not overflow. one resident forgot to clear out his in stitches. and he said that his backyard flooded because he forgot to clear out his bitches. >> it is a natural
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receptacle for leaves and debris so this is an annual. it could clock. the water would just pore over. it would-catclaw befor get clogged >> i know the with the leaves falling that they are in the background the gutters will get clogged and they could possibly overflow so a little bit of prevention will go a long way. >> home owners say that these are mundane things are important when it comes to get ready for a storm. jeff bush, kron 4 news. >> operations in the center cruz mountains. fiscal clif the high winds, and the physical terrain with and we spoke to a c-h-p officer, who gave us some timely advice for commuters driving during the storm. >> slowing down making sure
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there is a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you and watching for debris. in the road, the storm drains could also cause the roads to flawed. >> sandbags have been used and to try to prevent new ones the road crews courtes could be seen-with and e city of san francisco has help for residents in low- lying areas kron-4's alecia reid has details on where people can pick up free sandbags. >> those sandbags behind the are free. to help with the low-lying areas. once the storm heads. 6500 are stockpiled and ready to be distributed for families that need it. they're only available for san francisco residence. people were here
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with their identification to help keep their homes hom preven helpeven the wanting of empty beds to fill it up themselves. >> remember when you come to get the department of works operations working hard to get a maximum of 10 this sand bags. you will need to show proof of residency. >> people in one san pablo neighborhood hoping for the best, but bracing for the worst tonight. this is video from a previous heavy storm there. it caused flooding and the slide of a hillside .. damaging a number of homes. kron 4's j-r stone went back to that area today.. to see how people there are getting ready for the incoming storm. >> this hillside is covered with a plastic tarp and heavy rainfall is expected in less than 12 hours. it is
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full of holes. >> i am scared. i do not want it to move. >> they've been house of the bottom of this goal of the sandbags are for his brother's homes. using sand bags would be too little, too late because they have already seen this hit. they will keep an eye on the storm. >> i will be back. the first thing in the morning to see if there is any movement. >> last year rise of the hill moved last year but i can see that not a whole lot has been changed with one home with a yellow tag, the other house with a red attack. until the rain comes it is not clear if the storm drains will be completely effective. >> it is a great thing to hear the rain but now it is
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a little bit more unnvering.. >> i spoke with a san pablo city officials and have they done anything for heavy rainfall? they say that if there is an emergency in this area or for the coming days there will be there to respond j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> we encourage you to stay with kron 4. as we continue to follow the storms and stay updated on our website facebook, twitter will have more coverage of later. and on kron 4 add a 11. read ahead at eight... a nine- year -old girl killed -- by a drunk motorcyclist . her family sued the city, claiming unsafe roads. details coming up... plus, road rage... turns into an armed robbery on the streets of oakland. the crime all caught on camera by the victims.
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two armed robbery suspects are in custody tonight.. after cell phone video is used to capture them driving erratically in east oakland... around 4-pm on high street near foothill blvd at one point, the
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suspects pointed guns at the two victims demanding their cell phones however the victims refused something the oakland police department does not recommend >> is not getting worth a shot or killed over this particular couple of their real lucky that nothing happened they did not get injured. at the same time we say that your personal safety is paramount. we do not want to see anything that is struggling that can be replaced because your life cannot be replaced. >> investigators recognized one of the suspects. and they three police departments in san mateo county are joining forces, to try and curb the recent spike in gang related shootings and homicides in menlo park and east palo alto. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us the program is called operation smart. >> strategic multi-agency response team is what operation smart stands for
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to try to stop a two different feuding gangs that taliban and devill.. this is video from the arrest three years ago. this was from a city council meeting tuesday night both police chiefs were also there. >> we can probably attribute trove shootings to these provoking secured we do not have the resources and we're hoping to help with intelligence information, narcotics enforcement and combining our teams. >> rod davis, the police chief of east palo alto reported a another shooting that is not sure if it is dead relative but once the violence to stop >> we must send a message that there seems to be no boundaries one comes to violence that we are formed to respond. >> the police of palo alto
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chief saying that they will help with resources in menlo park, reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> >>pam: also new at eight... the family of a nine- year-old girl killed by a drunken motorcyclist, reached a 675- thousand dollar settlement with the city of novato... this is video of the crime scene back in 2009. melody osheroff and her father, were struck by edward schaefer's motorcycle. have one of his legs amputated. schaefer was convicted on charges of murder and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. he later died at san quentin state prison, where he was serving his sentence. the family sued the city of novato, claiming the city had not properly maintained the road or the crosswalk. a 15- year- old accused of killing a man... and injuring a police officer back on november 16th in san adult. this is video of the second suspect, jonathan wilbanks, in court last wednesday police are trying to figure out the connection between the two.
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both suspects are being held for murder, armed robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer. wilbanks did not enter a plea during his court appearance ... and will return to court in december. >> former giants slugger and baseball's home run king ...barry bonds.. is set to appear on baseball's hall of fame ballot for the first time. the ballot will officially be released tomorrow. it is expected to include names such as bonds.. outfielder sammy sosa and former cy-young winner roger clemens. all three have been dogged by accusations of using performance enhancing drugs during their playing careers. bonds was convicted of a felony count of obstruction of justice for his role in hindering an investigation into steroids and professional sports. members of the baseball writers' association of america will vote ... through next month. >>jacqueline: and big changes with rainfall returning. and will it
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ever! we are going to see quite a bit of rain fall with this storm and the several storms slated for this week. the one for tomorrows, 1, 2 for the me bay and perhaps a few more and other areas with rainfall totals. it is also going to be windy with a wind advisory for the entire bay area. the high wind with nearly 70 mph gusting speeds and that is also possible at the higher terrain. that we have seen. thunderstorms also possible for lightning strikes as it pushes through. by 6:00 a.m. of the rainfall will start in the north bay and along the san mateo coast. we are seeing widespread rainfall near the coast you can see the orange on your screen
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indicating heavy rainfall. widespread, the same by 10 and the east by 11 but residual showers for the early morning hours it will be about four hours heavy through the the totals are going to be for the excessive. conditions improving on wednesday and wednesday evening. a little but available for the next round of rainfall as i mentioned the entire bay area impacted by this wind advisory. nearly the entire bay area but the exception of the santa clara valley. this is in effect for a 11:00 a.m. for the north bay. also for the east bay, the delta, and for the peninsula. the darker shading indicating a high wind warning that will also be in effect for a 11:00 a.m. with winds gusting at 70 mph as for rainfall
8:21 pm
totals will see that rainfall around sex. already approaching 1 in. in santa rosa. as we see if around 6:00 p.m.--rainfall totals for with plenty of areas oakland, san francisco, san mateo, napa, nearly 2 in. and we're only going to add to these rainfall totals with the residual showers. by 4:00 p.m., you can see the rainfall totals with 1 in. of nearly everywhere. as for the sierras, not that cold. snow level totals are ngoing to be about 6,500 ft.. and even higher than that as the week progresses. the first storm moves in with rain, wind and the possible thunderstorms and a little bit of a break before thursday. more rain on friday, saturday, and even ho heavy sunday heavy sunday
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it has been 34 years since the assassination of san francisco mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk... tonight, the city gathered to remember the two men. the ceremonial details, coming up. plus, a high school freshman, struck and
8:29 pm
killed by a truck while riding her bike.
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plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is on now. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty... getting ready for the rain. residents all around the bay area are preparing for the first of a series of storms.. that are expected to bring strong winds and several inches of rain. p-g-and-e crews say.. they expect power outages. residents all around the bay are stocking up on sandbags to protect their
8:32 pm
homes. two people are in custody after allegedly trying to rob a couple, who video-ed them driving erratically in oakland and threatening people in another car.. oakland police say, they were able to identify and arrest the suspects from that cell phone video. they made the arrests after calling off a dangerous high speed chase. am of >>en charged as an adult, for allegedly killing a man.. and shooting and wounding a police officer, during a violent crime spree in san jose earlier this month. the boy was arrested on sunday and arraigned today. he and his alleged accomplice both face murder and attempted murder charges. >>jacqueline: we can see the rainfall is pressing towards northern california but there are two different systems one that is to the north. the tail end is excess pushing all the way and the strongest portion will reinforce and from us that heavy rainfall for tomorrow. looking at
8:33 pm
futurecast top it will look with changes but moderate/heavier rainfall for the bay area. not only have a rainfall but gusting winds up to 70 m.p.h.! that will be near the coast. and windy conditions, elsewhere and storms in bed awill time ths out with imbedded storm systems and the rainfall totals coming up in just a bit. >>pam: san francisco remembers the lives of two of its iconic city leaders.
8:34 pm
>> the san francisco gay men's chorus from members the supervisors harvey milk and masconi a week or in total shock, denial. grief beyond belief. and i think that we felt at that point so hopeless because we have lost two people that were so important to us and our community. >> hope was not a loss to was the first openly gay supervisor in the city and represented hope. he and the mayor were murdered the legacy lives on. >> we will not stop until we have equality across the globe and that is what tonight means. >> like every year and a candlelight march to the old shop near the castro was part of the night's event. highlighting his death of the most violent night is
8:35 pm
not something that jonathan masconi ones to do. >> it is no longer bear to remember george i think i'm going to start next year to stop remembering november 27th and i will start remembering november 24th. that was his birthday. i will start remembering that. alecia reed, kron 4. >> a redwood city and neighborhood is mourning the death of a 14 year-old.
8:36 pm
>> assurance so young. >> we lost a 14 year-old. red--she was so young a redwood city neighborhood is mourning the death of a 14-year- old girl ... who was hit by a truck while riding her bike to school yesterday morning a makeshift memorial is growing near where the woodside high school freshman leyla beban ... many flowers, some victim or her family, were left .. most of the people stopping by the shrine, did not know the girl personally. but were moved to pay their respects. in national news...
8:37 pm
>>pam: g-o-p lawmakers grill the u.s. ambassador to the united nations.. susan rice. the hearing today dealt with her initial comments ... after the september eleventh attack on the u-s embassy in benghazi, libya.. . catherine heenan has more on what happened in the closed door meeting in washington today.. >>catherine: susan rice - a white house favorite to replace secretary of state hillary clinton... was not talking to reporters today.. >> the information given to the american people was wrong and ambassador rise also said that it was wrong. >>catherine: offshe had just left a capitol hill meeting with three republican senators -- three of her sharpest critics... they say that when she characterized the september 11th attack on the u-s embassy in benghazi as a protest - rather than a pre-meditated terrorist attack... she was putting pre-election politics before national"the information given to wrong. in fact, amb rice wrong." >>catherine: ofafter the attack - rice did a lot of talking on tv...including the sunday talk shows. she says she was using these unclassified talking points- which had
8:38 pm
been stripped of references to al qaida.. but reportedly admitted to the senators of classified qaida was behind the attack. if's meeting ()()sot lindsay graham)á)á >> if anything today, justice a you to not know. >>catherine: off rice wasn't talking to reporters.. but later released a statement saying she was incorrect in that there was no protest or demonstration in benghazi...but insisted that she never intended to mislead the american people. the white house is trying to clear the way for her nomination as secretary of state.. todays sit-down didn't make that any easier.. catherine heenan, kron 4. >> coming up will take a closer look at these donation benz to find out where the money goes. these donations bins....
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little progress on the "fiscal cliff" talks in washington... translated to zero gains on wall street today. the dow closed the day down 89-points.. taking a sharp drop during afternoon trading after senate majority leader harry reid expressed frustration about the negotiations. both the nasdaq and s- and-p 500 also posted losses. a day after announcing they had lost wide receiver kyle williams for the year with a torn acl, the 49ers have also lost frank gore's backup kendall hunter with an ankle injury.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. blog. this is not difficult to find these collection bins. they would believe that your donating things for charity. >> how are you are donating because that is what is on the box. and yes, they will word is used words like to donate but it says for profit. and the interesting thing is that they do not even know how they got here. this one and safeway has been here for a while. these are right outside of a rite aid have been out for four years. and this out of an auto repair shop showed up and the owner wanted to go away. this one behind here. >> nobody said anything, it just appeared. >> what do you do? providing that it is bolted to the ground >> these are being dropped off and if nobody complains
8:45 pm
they will stay put and there's nobody to turn to. and in fact i called every phone number and every one i got a recording to leave a message. with the exception of one it was a local nonprofit. >> community assistance for retarded and handicapped we've been around for 40 years. we have been servicing individuals with intellectual and develop base. >> and i asked how do these for-profit impacter charity. >> having a multitude of boxes that are placed out there more than likely huge dent and what we are able to do. >> these for-profit seem to be hurting local charities but also libraries. and some of your donations are being sold to third world countries. not all of donation bins are created equal and we all need to read the fine print before >> i have no reason to let it go stanley roberts, kron 4. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m thursday, we are going to seek a meeting in a band of
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rainfall heavy. let us get right to it. mostly dry for the overnight hour. but the rainfall will come rustirushing by the san mateo coast. and mamoderate-with 9:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m. in fact, we are going to cf embedded storms. going to see the ads even hear thunder. as it continues to breeze through, gusting winds the front is expected to press to the front to belly with kohlberg conditions but you can see residual showers remaining. still heavy but by 4:00 p.m., drier conditions expected. we will even be seeing some clear skies. gusting winds, as i mentioned, with a wind advisory or a high wind warning. that is the darker
8:47 pm
shade of gray even the 70 mph that will be in effect until of lovand-11. the north b, that delta, and along the peninsula. not that south bay. we will see a wind advisory with the wind speeds at 25-30 m.p.h. gusting at the peak of this storms strain. tomorrow morning and no rainfall accumulated but as it comes rushing towards the coast the same in napa, santa rosa, over one-inch with nearly two-inches by 10 notice, the places have over 1 in. of rain fall. san francisco, san mateo, fairfield this is why we have for all of these talks about sandbags. a lot of rainfall in the residual
8:48 pm
showers are only going to add to the totals. plenty of places over 1-inch for tomorrow evening. as for the sierras mostly rainfall of a higher elevation 6,500 ft.. thursday, friday, the snowfall elevations will be even higher. here is a look at your extended forecast with even lightning strikes. the north bay, will see thursday but a marine band of rain fall on thursday lighter on shat saturday but even if it is going to be a very wet extended forecast
8:49 pm
a day after announcing they had lost wide receiver kyle williams for the year with a torn acl, the 49ers have also lost frank gore's backup kendall hunter w coincidentally both players were injured on the same play in the 4th quarter of sunday's win over the saints hunter had 371 yards and 2 td's in spelling gore, and was averaging 5.2 yards per carry the injury could lead to more carries for anthony dixon among others this five-year contract over $45 million. the big number is how much is guaranteed? 25.5 million for
8:50 pm
the outstanding line backer. and jim harbaugh will officially announce the quarterback so they got stuck with the question again today. i >> we have two great caliber cart starting starting quarterbacks, it is his decision. i know that calp kaepernick wants to stay in there, and alex smith but if both guys will be of course ready. >> the 49ers will playing the rams correctthe raiders have regressed badly during their four game losing streak.especially on defense giving up 169 points during that stretch which is more than the 49ers have allowed all yearthat's 42 points per game if you are scoring at home. the games have not even been
8:51 pm
competitive in losses to the bucs, ravens, saints and bengals. >> this is professional football and we have a job to do our job is to one football gives we do not find ourselves in an acceptable position of after a 3-and-4 start they are now 3-and-8 a few raiders fans have taken it a bit too faralmost sounding threatingthis from a group of anonymous neighbors "we see you & your family driving up & down ()the street you live on)á. mr. allen, you have should now, as a man, take the action to resign your position as head coach of the raiders."
8:52 pm
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them all here it is, the battle of college hoops. jim harbaugh is brother-in-law is tom kareem of indiana hoosiers and they rooled north carolina and cody
8:57 pm
zeller and now we end on yton manning jamal charles of kansias city ...petyon manning >> see you at 11
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